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Our first debut

Rainbow Horizon made its first debut at Albany N.Y. pride Saturday June 14th 2014. It was a great success. The idea was to get the word out about whom we were and what we stood for. Everyone that came to the table and found out what we stood for thanked us for the doing something that helped everyone show another form of expression besides drugs, alcohol, and suicide. We handed out our newsletters, magnets and pens with our logos, and even sold a few items as well as received a few donations. I am very proud of my decision to build a website to help people express themselves in a creative fashion that doesn’t harm themselves or anyone else if you would like to see the products we sell please click on the webstore link at the top of the home page at www.therainbowbowhorizon.com

Thank you, Mark Flint

Our Mission

So many people have no creative way to express themselves and that’s the primary reason why most turn to crime, violence, murder, drugs, and even suicide.

Our mission at www.therainbowhorizon.com is simple: A place to express yourself creatively. Whether it is; writing, drawing, photos, tattoos, or even videos. We here at The Rainbow Horizon feel that if a person has a positive way to express themselves, then they might be less likely to hurt themselves and or others. Most people just need to know that someone is around to notice that they exist and that they might need to someone to talk to. That’s why, I Mark Flint created The Rainbow Horizon. If you or someone close to you needs to talk or needs a way to express themselves, please feel free to email me at [email protected]


Rainbow Horizon will be making its first debut locally at the Albany pride sat June 14th. We will have everything on the website there for sale, including homemade fudge as well as brownies. We will also have new merchandise there and give a ways to the first 50 people as well so please make sure you stop by our table and see what we are all about. I hope to see everyone there. Thank you from the owner Mark Flint at www.therainbowhorizon.com

Let’s help our own country before we help other countries

By Mark Flint

The economy is in the toilet. The unemployment rate is at 6.7%. There are 247.4 million people living in the United States. Out those people 145.3 million are in the work force and 10.5 million are unemployed. The politicians all say “that isn’t a large amount”. What are they talking about? If you use the unemployment from the great depression (1930) then yeah, it’s not a large amount. Back then the rate was 25%. So why is the unemployment rate so high? Simply put, all the jobs that were originally in the United States are now in other countries. The reason for this is, the United States has allowed these companies to go outside the United States to find cheaper labor, as well as to help out the poor countries build their economy. Well because of this, the people of the United States are now suffering, not to mention the population is getting larger every day. How do we fix this? Simple, charge these companies a large tariff to import back in to the United States. We have helped other countries as far back as I can remember, and no one comes to our aide when we need it. Let’s stop allowing companies to go overseas and let’s start building more American products to boost our economy. To me, it’s the only way to raise the cost of living and boost American moral. This is just one man’s opinion.

One Voice Helps

In 2011 I left my job and then became very ill. I had no idea what was wrong with me. I was so sick I could get off the couch to go to the bathroom. Everything I ate and drank, I could not keep down. My son and my ex would come over and check on me every day and sometimes spending the night to keep an eye on me. Finally my son convinced me to go to the hospital. I was there for about 8 hours and with no luck. They couldn’t find anything wrong with me. They asked me if I wanted an HIV test and because I didn’t have insurance, I said no. After a grueling month long illness, I started feeling better. I had exhausted all my cash flow I had saved up and decided to move in with family. My ex was there to take care of me through all this, which brought the 2 of us closer than ever before. We decided to get back together. Shortly after we got back together I got sick again. I decided to nip this head on when I went to the hospital again they offered the HIV test, it was free this time so I said yes. Keep in mind I have been tested regularly every 6 months so this was nothing new to me. I had just come back from the movies with my boyfriend when I noticed I had a voicemail. As I listened to it I was getting nervous. It was the hospital telling me what they found. I reluctantly called them back and that’s when my life changed. I’m sitting there listening to the person on the other end telling me I was HIV positive and all of a sudden became numb and speechless. I honestly didn’t know what to say or do. It was at this point; the person on the other end said I should take a few minutes to wrap my head around what they had just told me and give them a call back. I went into my bedroom and told my boyfriend who was in tears and then went to the living room and told my sister. She became distraught and started crying as well. I had no time to show my emotion. I headed to the hospital and to speak to the doctor that had administered the test. He told me they were 99% true. I asked for another test and a few days later it came back the same as the first. In the meantime I had not shown any emotion. I was trying to stay strong for everyone else. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I yelled at both of them. Why am I being strong for everyone else? This happened to me. I started crying non-stop. I locked myself in my room contemplating suicide. I felt my life was over I could not and did not want to deal with this disease. I was angry, hurt and depressed.  I was mainly angry that someone would deliberately give me this virus. Then one day I woke up and decided to go to a group therapy session with other men who were diagnosed with the virus as well. As I sat in on this session, I felt disgusted. They all were blaming this disease for the way their life had turned out. I decided this wasn’t me. I decided to go to college and get a degree. While in college I found a passion I hadn’t had since I was younger. I was writing. I loved writing but long since my childhood days had done so. I had thought about everything I had endured and decided to I needed to help others. It was at this point I took my struggle and my passion and decided to help others. I wrote a book called “The Journey to my New Existence, Living with HIV”. This was the first of many books I have written. After I wrote this book, a friend of my sisters came to the house. She introduced her friend to me and we talked. Through the course of our conversation I had disclosed to this new friend that I was gay and had recently been diagnosed with the virus called HIV (human immune deficiency). She didn’t know what to say. She felt bad for me and hugged me and asked me to talk to her niece and son who were both gay. She hoped I could get through to them that having unprotected sex could be harmful to them. I said I would. She went and spoke to them but they were reluctant to speak to me. She however was sleeping around as well.  A year has passed and I ran into her again. We sat and had coffee and talked. She told me my story helped. I said how, and who? She said my story helped her. She had stopped sleeping around and was getting tested every 6 months. She said if it wasn’t for my story, she would still be sleeping around and could have very well had gotten the virus. I was very pleased that my story helped. It was the reason why I started writing. Since I have written that book, I have written 4 others. 2 poetry books, letting others know they are not alone in dealing with weight, beauty, love, and sexuality. 1 book called “My Closet My Fear, Coming out Stories”  while I was in college my first year, the people I had met told of their friends as well as their stories of coming out of the closet and what they endured in doing so. To me, this was an eye opener. I felt people needed to know what a person goes through when they decide to come out of the closet (warning this book is not for the week hearted). My last book which is book 1 in a 4 book series is called “Letters to Me, Naked in the Woods”. Parts of this book are real and parts are not. The purpose of this book just as the title says. If you could write a letter to yourself at a younger age what would say and how would you explain the reason for the letters? My hopes in my writing are to be able to help others cope with everyday problems that people just don’t talk about but should. Since writing these books I have designed a website for people to express themselves in a safe way as opposed to harming themselves or someone else. My website is international. I have over 50 members 10,000 views, and 1400 likes. I have designed merchandise that I sell along with my books on my website. I have also designed a calendar called “The Positives of Being Positive”. The calendar depicts people living long term with HIV with a positive note for others dealing with the virus. The net proceeds to the calendar got to Aids research. For more information on any of the merchandise you can go to the web store on the site and view them. I hope my story continues to help others around the world. If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email. You can find it on my site thanks Mark Flint.

This is the new calendar: The Positives of Being Positive, a calendar for 2014. I couldn't put all the photos in here, I had to pick one. I think the calendars came out quite nicely. All the net proceeds go to AIDS RESEARCH. The calendars are on sale here at the webstore for $12.00 plus tax. Its for a great cause, so make sure you buy one today. I want to once again thank all that took the time to be a part of this calendar, I couldn't have done it without any of you. You all have done the AIDS COMMUNITY a world of good. Click on the photo go to the webstore.

What if Gay was Straight and Straight was Gay?

A 1 on 1 interview with my friend

Quote of the Week

 The future is what you make of it, not what you take from it!

This is the cover for the Positive calendar. Please let me know what you think, thanks.

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Rainbow Horizon    Gay-Straight Alliance

The Rainbow Horizon is a metaphor for a global Gay-Straight Alliance.  Unity builds strength.

The Rainbow represents the GLTB Q Community and the Horizon signifies the straight people who love them.

Yes, straight people do support the GLTB Q Community.  They are our family and friends, co-workers and confidants.  Most every straight person has at least one LGBT person in their life that they love, respect or care for.

Ancient philosophies and spiritual teaching tell us of an ideal world where all are equal, respected and loved.  Not physical love, but unconditional love between each human being.

So, if you are GLTB Q or know and care for someone who is, we encourage you to join this website.  Awareness is the key to global harmony.

Let it begin with me.

This is the sunset while I was on a cruise to the Bahamas.

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The One

By Mark Flint

This was written for dear friend who tends to let his past cloud his future. 

    Love comes and love goes, but it always hits when your heart is on the go. It comes in many different shapes and always testing your trust and faith that love exists to this special person you’re hoping is the one. Then you wait for that special day and wonder if it will always be this way?  

    You wonder if the year you’ve spent is long enough to know the he’s the one then heaven sent? You wonder about all you do that he will be as true as you. You give and give and want nothing back hoping that he feels the same way too. A few years past and nothing has changed, you start to see a familiar game that your exes would play back in the yesterdays.     

     Your faith and trust start to cause you to be judgmental again. Then you realize this is not the past and he loves you like no other has before. Your faith and trust has been built back up and realize it was just your past playing tricks on you just like it has many times before, but this time you’re stronger and learned how to close the door and leave the demons in the past where they were before. You finally see your future with the one you love and the moon and stars are finally guiding you from above. 

    The past is just that, the past it can never define your future only you can define your future. The question that always ponders one’s self is it worth the effort knowing what you have been through? The reality is that one day your future will define your past and not the other way around. It’s up to you to break the chains that bind you to a history of self-loathing and self-worth.

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Who I am

By Mark Flint

I cry at sad movies. I believe the good guy should always. They say that you friends and family guide you through your life, that's not the case with me. I guided myself through life and while doing so I guide others as well. This is me in a nut shell. I'm compassion​ate, caring, and loving. I give all I can give and when I can't give anymore, I dig deep down inside and find a way to give even more.

Still starting up, but news, poetry, stories, photos and much, much more to come, so stay tuned. If there is anything you would like to specifically see please feel free to contact me, or if you would like to just leave a comment you can do that as well. I look forward to hearing from each and everyone of you.

If you could go back in time and write a letter to yourself what would you say? Imagine being trapped in the woods with nowhere to go and forced to do unscrupulous things? If your only way to survive was to do whatever your captures asked you to do, would you do it? If your only way to live was to find a way for your enemies to die how would you do it? Marco struggles really hard on what to do to survive. If he does the wrong thing he may end up dead. Click the picture to find out more.

Upcoming Events

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The journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step.
Video "It could happen to you"

Final thought : A Difference

It's amazing to see what you can see when you're not actually looking for anything in particular. People are depressed, people aren't depressed. You never know what a person is actually going through unless you take the time to sit and talk to them. I'm reminded that as I look into my kids eyes. Everything is not as it may seem and sometimes what a person needs is just a hug to know that someone cares. This can make a world of difference in a world where life is different.

Teenagers living with STDS

 I have been living with herpes simplex two, for five years now. You'd think that herpes is just contained to the nether regions of one’s body it's not, mines on my nose for the most part. It's not terrible except for the scars it has left on my nose. I have gotten made fun of for it, like most people who have a STD or STI, but I carried on with the happiness of friends. With my love life it's been not the most fun. No one wants to catch herpes. So I think of them as nothing because obviously they only wanted sex. On the bright side I have found someone who accepts me for me, and everything about me, including my STD.

 Don't give up on anything just because of your complication, people don't accept out of the ordinary. You'll find more people who accept you for you, and will love you more than you know. For the ones that put you down, reject you and insult you, just ignore them. They are, and never were important. I am teenager who struggles with this every day and I just want others to know, you are not alone.

 There's always a rainbow at the end of every storm. :)

 ---Someone like You

Spencer's Home Depot Marriage Proposal
Here's another link for a short story my friend Amy wrote called "Where Dragonflies Dwell" http://voices.yahoo.com/where-dragonflies-dwell-12343529.html?cat=44

HIV Dating Group

New HIV Dating Group

No charge to join. Meet people from all over the world that are HIV positive. Everyone is looking for someone to spend our time with, and we the ones with HIV are no different. If you’ve ever had a problem finding someone who is in the same boat as you, then look no further. Cut through the stigma and find your partner here, and the best part is it’s free.


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